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Early wood carving by Carl Hallsthammar.  Entitled "Sacred Work", the figure appears to be a Rabbi spending his time doing God's work.  The beautifully carved wood is also painted.  This figure was found at a Southern California estate.  It belonged to a relative of the Rat Pack's Joey Bishop.

The piece measures 4.75" x 2.25" x 4.25" .  Paint is in excellent condition.  Although a bit dusty, the piece is as we found it.  Nice carving.  Nothing broken.  It is great to see the individual chisel marks on this scholar.  He feels very alive. Wonderful piece of art for that special collection.


Carl Hallsthammar was born June 24, 1897 in Vesteras, Vastmanland Province, Sweden.  A desire to carve as a means of artistic expression had always been his craving, and at the early age of twelve he began with mallet and chisel to create his first work.  In 1924 he immigrated to America, settling at Jamestown, New York.  He later moved to Chicago. 

His carvings received awards, at exhibits held by the Swedish Club of Chicago.  His carving has an honest and rugged regard for and treatment of wood that his carved from a solid block.  His figures are just plain folks, transfigured by the sculptor's sympathy and sometimes sense of humor.  The subjects of Mr. Hallshammar's work cover a large range of American life.  He traveled extensively and finds his subjects among Indians, cowboys, sports and everyday life. He passed away in 1977.

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