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Vintage BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA Collection SHIRT HATS Badges Handbook & More

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Here is a collection of vintage Boy Scouts of America collectables. The collection consists of a sanforized shirt, Sanforized caps (x3), handkerchiefs (x2), a series of badges, and a 1972 edition of the Scout Handbook. All of these pieces come from a troop located on San Diego. 

Individual pieces: 

Shirt: With three patches signifying that the shirt is from the a San Diego troop, and it's cool vintage collectable. The shirt looks to be of a men's small size (there is no tag to identify size) and made of sanforized cotton.

Caps: the three caps all carry the bsa patches and come in sizes ranging from medium, large, and extra large. They are also made from sanforized cotton.

Scout handbook: a 1972 edition of the scout handbook, or also known to some as a survival guide. 

Badge collection: there are a total of 19 badges/pins on the orange bag they sit on. Four are from hiking, one bsa patch, nine special hiking trail badges, one patch for speaking Spanish, a ford pin, a wooden arrow, and three district patches. The badges range in size from 1.5"X1.5" to 2.5" in diameter.

Handkerchiefs: one burgundy with a circular patch that has a series of circles centered by a bird and one green with the bsa insignia. 


Shirt: while in a used state, the only damage on the shirt is the loss of the bottom button. There is no fraying of any of the stitching or fabric. 

Caps: only the medium has damage with a little bit of fraying towards the back stitching and a small brown stain just above the bsa patch. No other damage on any of the caps.

Badges: there is evidence of fraying on five of the badges. All but one are still legible and in collecting condition.

Handkerchiefs: the burgundy is torn on the left side and missing its edge. The green is slightly torn just under the bsa insignia and can be easily mended. No other damage is visible.

Handbook: there is small amounts of foxing on the edges of the pages but not on the inside of any of the pages. The book itself is intact and not a single page is ripped. 

-See photos for extra details

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