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Oil Painting MAGGS John Charles MAGGS "Setting Out From the Old Angel" 1860 Pub

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Original oil painting, 1860, by renowned listed British artist, John Charles Maggs (1819-1896).  (We have this, and another Maggs from the same collection, available for sale now.)

This charming scene, of a stagecoach in front of The Old Angel Inn, has a tremendous amount of detail.  Take a close look and you will see the gent on the front horse taking a bit of a nip from a tankard.  The coach travels between Bristol and Bath (the artist's home town) as can be seen on the carriage door.  The name of the coach is on the back...HERO.  Our driver is smoking a cigar and someone is handing the man in the back a drink.  These details is what makes this scene extra special.

The painting (in the frame) measures 30" x 18".  The painting itself measures 26" x 14".

This painting was last sold in 1963 from The Leger Galleries, well known and on Old Bond Street for over a century.  Clean as can be and beautiful to see.


John Charles Maggs (1819-1896) was a painter best known for his coaching scenes.JC MAGGS was born in Bath, England in 1819, his father being a furniture japanner there. He painted a series of famous coaching inns, and also a series of 80 metropolitan inns, in which he exploited the picturesque and historical aspect of his subject, to which his talent was best suited. Other subjects he painted include Newmarket Races, Robbing the Mails, The News of Waterloo, The Market Place at Bath. The period he illustrated spans about two centuries; from the days before Hogarth, to the end of the reign of William IV. His work enjoyed great popularity at a time when there was much interest in such vivid reconstruction of the 'romantic past'.

John Maggs' father, James, is recorded as an artist at Bath, 1837-1841 and his uncle as a portrait painter 1846-1848. His daughter also assisted at his studio, known as the Bath Art Studio. Maggs lived in Bath his whole life, and died there on November 3, 1896, aged 77.

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