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Mixed Lot


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24 Pounds of Antennas and related parts from a Ham Radio estate.

The first 2 pictures show the overall view of what is included, with the pictures following showing various detail shots. You'll receive:

1 large dipole antenna assembly with copper wire, coax, connectors, and insulators. Don't know length, but this looks like a complete assembly ready for installation.

1 roll braid with ground clamp.

2 reels of pink wire with center insulator (with SO239 coax connector).

6 separate coax connectors including 3 new ones in Amphenol packaging (there are many more PL259 connectors on cable assemblies).

4 SO239's mounted in an aluminum box, with center hook for hanging.

More pink antenna wire.

Antenna mobil mount with coax connector.

Variety of coax cables, most with PL259's, a few with BNC connectors.

100 Watt Bulb Dummy Load with coax connector.

3 dipole center insulators.

A bag with more pink wire & some wood clothes pins.

2 Master Mobile Micro Z Matches.

4 knife switches.

Western Electric 50MMF 5KV 5 Amp (vacuum?) capacitor with connectors.

Utica Gizmotchy antenna switch.

Large airwound coil assembly. A Johnson air variable capacitor is on the inside, as is a band switch with positions 10,15,20,40, and 75 meters. The coil is 3-1/2 inches in diameter and has 30 turns spread over 3 inches in length.

All material is in as-is condition. All pictures show the actual items you will receive.  

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