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E. INGRAHAM Antique MANTEL CLOCK Shelf Mantle Regulator Pendulum BRISTOL CONN

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Antique E. Ingraham Mantel/Shelf Clock. This comes to us from a local Los Angeles area estate. We've been told it had been recently overhauled.

This is a wind-up clock dating to the late 19th century. Back of pendulum has 1877 patent date. Clock weighs 6 pounds 3 ounces and measures 19-3/4 inches high, 11-1/4 inches wide, and 4-3/4 inches deep. Ingraham product marking impressed into wood at bottom of inside compartment (shown in pictures). The key shown in the pictures is included, but was not original to the clock. Clock chimes the hour count at the top of each hour. Unattached wire visible to the left of the pendulum believed to be for an alarm module which is not installed.

The physical condition of the clock is very good. Glass in door intact, although scrolly design on bottom half shows moderate wear. Clock face shows moderate wear but roman numerals showing hours are substantially intact. Cabinet shows only light wear and in good shape for age. All pictures show the actual clock you will receive.

After winding, pendulum was swung causing clock to run for about 5 minutes before stopping. Winders were checked and found to be only about half wound. With further winding, clock has continued to run for the past hour. Despite current operation, clocks of this age will require periodic cleaning and or service, and it is thus offered in as-is condition. Update: Clock has now continued to run for over 48 hours without attention. It is running slightly slow, but pendulum can be adjusted to improve accuracy. 

Shipping note: Clock will ship with pendulum detached to protect the movement. You'll need to rehang it, but no tools are required. It just slips over a hook located under the face at the 6 o'clock position.

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